A Horse Racing Organiser is a body of persons registered in Mauritius set up with the object of organising horse races in Mauritius.

The Horse Racing Organiser, in relation to the racecourse it manages, is responsible for:

  • Organisation of horse racing;
  • Enforcing the Rules of Racing;
  • Promoting integrity and fair play in horse racing;
  • Properly managing the racecourse infrastructure and amenities and training facilities; and
  • Appointing an appeal committee to review decisions taken by racing stewards.

For the purpose of organising horse racing, the responsibilities of the horse racing organiser are:

  • The conduct of race meetings;
  • The registration of stables and stable managers;
  • The registration of owners of race horses;
  • The registration of trainers, jockeys, riders and other horse racing professionals;
  • The employment of, and the issue of directions to, racecourse officials;
  • The veterinary arrangements, anti-doping measures and laboratory services;
  • The registration, safety and security of race horses;
  • The exercise of disciplinary powers in respect of the persons referred above;
  • The promotion of leisure activities for the race going public.


Conditions of Licence for Horse Racing Organiser

A totalisator is a scheme or system by means of which bets are accepted and aggregated and dividends are calculated, declared and paid on a proportional basis dependent on a result of a horse race or a series of horse races in accordance with formulae approved by the Gambling Regulatory Authority and includes a device, instrument, machine, computer or other thing used to effect the aggregation of bets and the distribution of dividends. A Totalisator Operator is a public company licensed by the Authority to operate a totalisator in accordance with the rules of totalisator approved by the Board. Subject to authorisation of the Board, a Totalisator operator may operate:
  • At the racecourse;
  • At such place outside the racecourse as may be approved by the Board; or
  • Through remote communication at such place outside the racecourse as may be approved by the Board.


Conditions of Licence of Totalisator Operator

The licence of Mauritius National Lottery was awarded to Lottotech Ltd in November 2009 by the Gambling Regulatory Authority. The validity of the licence is for a period of ten years.

The only game authorised by the Board as at date is the lotto 6/40 game.

Initially authorised by the Gambling Regulatory Authority, Instant-Win Scratch Games also known as “Cartes a Gratter” have been withdrawn from the Mauritian market with effect from 30 June 2015.

The inspectors of the GRA supervises each lotto draw conducted by the Mauritius National Lottery.

As at date, the Gambling Regulatory Authority has registered 815 retailers for Lottotech Ltd in the Republic of Mauritius.


Conditions of Licence for Mauritius National Lottery

A casino is a premise approved by the Gambling Regulatory Board whereby casino games are played and available to be played in accordance with the rules of casino games approved by the Board.

The list of games authorized in the casinos is:

  • Blackjack
  • Chemin de fer
  • Mini-chemy
  • Oasis Stud
  • Punto Banco
  • Roulette


Condition of Licence of a Casino Operator

A Gaming House is any premise approved by the Gambling Regulatory Board where gaming house games are played or available to be played. A Gaming House Operator is either a company for a Gaming House “A” or an individual for Gaming House “B”, licensed to operate the Gaming House in accordance with the rules of gaming house games approved by the Gambling Regulatory Authority Board. There exist two categories of Gaming House Operator in Mauritius.

Gaming House A

The list of prescribed gaming house games authorized to be played in Gaming House “A” is as folows:

  • 10 ½
  • Big and small
  • Big Wheel
  • Bingo
  • Crabs
  • Chinese
  • Dominoes (boeuf)
  • Over/Under 7
  • Poker
  • Premier Roi
  • Quatre Quatre
  • Sap Si Waye
  • Sic Bo
  • Tai Sai
  • Vanlak

Gaming House B

The list of prescribed gaming house games authorized to be played in Gaming House “B” is as follows:

  • Mahjong
  • Rummy


Conditions of Licence – Gaming House A
Conditions of Licence – Gaming House B

A limited payout machine is an electromechanical machine or other device which complies with such technical standards as may be prescribed and which, on insertion of a coin, bank note, electronic credit, token or similar object or on payment of any other consideration, enables a person to play a game approved by the Authority, whereby the person, by reason of skill, or through an element of chance or both, receives electronic credits, tokens or tickets which are exchangeable in return for prizes and which are limited to –

  • one opportunity or more to play a further game;
  • electronic credits, tokens or tickets for one or more cash prizes with a combined retail monetary value not exceeding 3,000 rupees or such other amount as may be prescribed;
  • or cash equivalent to the amount the person inserts in the machine;

A limited payout machine operator is a company licensed to operate a limited payout machine.

In December 2012, in line with the Finance Miscellaneous Provisions Act, the Gambling Regulatory Authority Act was amended to replace Amusement with Prize Machines by Limited Payout Machines.

The payout on Limited payout machines, as stipulated in the name itself, is limited to Rs. 3,000 in Mauritius and the games authorised are:

  • Random combination of symbols on Reels: Fruits, Animals, Insects, Birds, Human or other games of similar type;
  • and Simulated Races: Animal Racing, Vehicle Racing, Human Racing or other games of similar type;
  • and Card Game: Poker game only

Metamorphic Games, Progressive Jackpot and Feature Games are not authorised on Limited Payout Machines. Similarly multi game option is not allowed on these machines

In collaboration with the Gambling Regulatory Authority, Mauritius Standards Bureau developed the Technical Standards MS 182:2013 for Limited Payout Machine for the Republic of Mauritius. The Standards MS 182: 2013 is available for consultation at the Mauritius Standard Bureau.

The Gambling Regulatory Authority (Limited Payout Machine) Regulations were made under Section 164 of the GRA Act in 2013.

A person shall be authorised to operate dart games for gain:

  • within the precincts of the racecourse as licensed by the gambling Regualtory Authority and in accordance to the rules for operating the dart games approved by the Board; or
  • at a fun fair, fancy fair or similar event unless he obtains the prior approval of the commissioner of Police.


Conditions of Licence for Dart Games Operators

Rules for operations of Dart Games

Pool Betting is a form of betting where.

  • a person participates in a competition for making a forecast on any event or contingency on coupons or other forms in any manner as approved by the Board;
  • A person pays stakes for his participation; and
  • The stakes for each competition are aggregated and dividends are declared and paid to winners on the result of any event or contingency and determined by reference to the stake money paid by those persons.

Pool betting does not include lottery games.



Lottery means a scheme or device for the distribution by chance of prizes or of any right to, or share in, a prize depending upon, or to be determined by, lot or drawing, whether out of a box or other receptacle, or by cards, token, coin or dice, or by any machine, ticket, envelope or device or any other chance whatsoever, where, in order to participate in the scheme or device, a person is required to hold a ticket which he has to purchase, or obtains freely or on purchase of goods or services or is given a right to the chance by any other means; and

It includes a competition scheme for the distribution of prizes, or of any right to, or share in, a prize where-

  1. in order to participate in the scheme, a person is required-
    (A) to fill an entry form, which he obtains freely, whether on purchase of goods or services or not; or
    (B) to use a remote communication system; and
    (ii) the distribution depends, at any stage of the scheme, upon a genuine or purported display of knowledge or skill, notwithstanding that the distribution also depends, at some stage of the scheme, on an element of chance; but
    (c) does not include Government lotteries, sweepstakes, or lottery games.

    However when a lottery is organised:

  2. by a holder of a licence under the Independent Broadcasting Authority Act through a remote communication system, where the total amount or value of the prizes for each competition does not exceed 1,000 rupees or such other amount as may be prescribed; or
  3. for a charitable, benevolent, religious or educational purpose.

no licence is required under the GRA Act but has to be approved by the commissioner of Police.

Any person or company willing to organise a lottery in accordance with the GRA Act should apply for a licence on the duly approved Application Form for Lottery 30 days prior to the start of the Lottery.

Approval of the Lottery is at the discretion of the Authority.

A Sweepstake is a lottery scheme organised and approved by the Gambling Regulatory Authority whereby the winning lottery ticket is determined by the rank of the horses taking part in races on a particular race day for which the lottery ticket has been issued.

A sweepstake organiser is person licensed by the Authority to organise Sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes lottery draws are conducted under the supervision of the officers of Gambling Regulatory at the Mauritius Turf Club on race days.


Conditions of Licence for Sweepstakes Organiser

Part XVIII of the GRA Act relating to Interactive Gambling in Mauritius not in operation

An Ad hoc Licence is issued in accordance with Section 90 of the GRA Act to a person who wishes to carry out a gambling activity at a specified event. An application for Ad hoc Licence should be made on the Application for Ad hoc Licence Form to the Chief Executive of the Authority not later than 15 days before the date of the specified event.

The games authorised under the Ad hoc Licence are conducted under the supervision of the relevant Authorities and at a premise approved by the Board.

An Ad hoc licence shall at all times be subject to such terms and conditions as the Board may impose.

Subject to approval of the GRA Board, the Ad hoc licence is issued against payment of the appropriate Licence Fee.