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The Gambling Regulatory Board is empowered by the Act to

  •  Issue,renew,suspend or revoke any licence; and
  • Issue directives to licensees and impose terms and conditions on licensees; and
  • Issue guidelines to licensees; and
  • Approve rules of gambling, lottery games, sweepstakes and lotteries; and
  • impose any financial penalty for non-compliance with the conditions of a licence, rules, directions or guidelines;
  • approve any event or contingency on which betting is to be conducted; and
  • Register lottery retailers.

Any person who is aggrieved by activities regulated uder the GRA act may make a complaint in writting to the Authority.

The Inspectorate section will investigate on the matter and appropriate action will be taken by the Authority.

No investigation will be undertaken in case a complaint is made one month after the date of the act.

The main objective of the Inspection and Investigation team is to ensure compliance with provisions of the GRA Act and the relevant conditions and rules issued to ensure that gambling is conducted in a fair and transparent manner, and prevent gambling from being source of crime or disorder and also to protect children and vulnerable person from being harmed or exploited by gambling.

The Licensing and Inspection Unit thus conducts regular inspections at licensed premises to ensure compliance and report anomalies(if any) observed.

The ‘Police des Jeux’ which is a unit of the Mauritius Police Force comprising police officers designated by the Commissioner of Police has and may exercise the same powers as an inspector under the GRA Act. Thus, the ‘Police des Jeux’ is equally empowered to carry out inspection and investigation on matters relating to Gambling Industry in Mauritius.

The GRA and the ‘Police des Jeux’ do also work in close collaboration to address several gambling related issues.

  • As a condition to lottery, the promoter is required to deliver the Authority a complete detail of all prizes and a list of all eligible participants.
  • All lottery Draws should be effected under the Supervision of officers of the Authority .

In accordance with Section 49. Of the Gambling Regulatory Authority Act 2007, each bookmaker other than a bookmaker operating through remote communication shall employ any person to assist him in the conduct of his betting operations unless he registers that person with the Board as a bookmaker’s clerk.

To be eligible for registration as a bookmaker’s clerk by the Board, an applicant should be:

  • of the age of 21 or above; and
  • a fit and proper person

An application for bookmaker’s clerk should be effected on the duly signed APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION AS BOOKMAKER’S CLERK FORM​​ and should be accompanied by

  • Photocopy of National Identification Card of Applicant
  • Certificate of Character of Applicant (1 copy + Original)
  • One recent passport size photo of Applicant

Note: Applicant is the person applying for registration as Bookmaker’s Clerk