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Gambling in the Republic of Mauritius was initially regulated and monitored by the following different entities:

  • Accountant General’s Office
  • Gaming Control Board
  • Value Added Tax Department
  • Horse Racing Board
  • Mauritius Revenue Authority

The Gambling Regulatory Authority was set up in December 2007 following the proclamation of the Gambling Regulatory Authority Act.

With the coming into force of the Gambling Regulatory Authority Act 2007 the following Act were repealed:

  • the Gaming Act 1973;
  • the Prize Competitions Act 1975
  • the Horse Racing Board Act 2003; and
  • the Mauritius National Lotteries Act 2004.
The objective of setting up the Gambling Regulatory Authority by the Government was to bring under the control of one Authority all gambling and gaming activities with a view to better control and enhance monitoring over the gambling sector. The Act caters for the evolutions around the world in the gambling industry and therefore the legal, regulatory and technological requirements for the Government of Mauritius to cope with the upcoming demands and challenges have been included in the legislation. Moreover, provisions were equally made in the Act for online gambling, promotion of fairness in gambling and responsible gambling in Mauritius. Following the proclamation of the GRA Act, the GRA took over the operations and is thus the Authority responsible for the licensing and monitoring of Gaming / Gambling Activities in Mauritius. GRA issued the first licence for Bookmaker conducting fixed odds betting on football matches taking place outside Mauritius in June 2008 to address the huge demand for betting on football matches in Mauritius. The GRA also issued the license of Mauritius National Lottery in November 2008 and Amusement with Prize (AWP) Licence in March 2011 which was renamed as Limited Payout Machine in January 2012. In September 2011, the Gambling Regulatory Authority approved the combination of Automatic Systems Ltd and Global Sports Ltd Pools in Mauritius. In September 2018, GRA authorised Mauritius National Lottery to conduct two lotto draws per week whereas Loterie Vert was licensed in August 2020.
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